Is Masturbation Addiction Unhealthy?

Couple-cuddling-in-bed-e1382028119147When their partner is not in the mood, most people choose masturbation as a suitable alternative – it isn’t as good as the real thing, but it’s a quick and easy way to get off. But can masturbation have a negative impact on your sex life? Is it possible that by watching too much porn that you will become conditioned to that and not to actual sex? There are many people who believe this and think that too much masturbation can ruin your sex life.

There are a number of theories as to why. One is that the sensations felt in masturbation are far more intense and strong than can be recreated by a woman’s mouth or vagina. In such a scenario, the adult brain only finds pleasure with these feelings and finds it harder to get excited by sexual activities, which are more sensual and not as powerful. Hence, a man cannot get aroused by the situation and may find it difficult to make his cock hard, which is a big turn off in the bedroom for the woman.

There is also a thought process that pornography can change how the brain is stimulated – especially hardcore and violent pornography. Wild activities such as BDSM are much more intense than normal sex, which all of a sudden doesn’t seem so appealing after considering the variety of kinky activities that you could be getting up to. Ultimately, the images and perfect scenes that they see on the screen are far more erotic and arousing than anything that their partner may try and do for them.

Many men have noted that they get erectile dysfunction problems and fail to reach orgasm in real sex if they are suffering with a porn addiction. This is not a new phenomenon and it is far from unusual. Even Hugh Heffner, who ran the Playboy Mansion, often found himself resorting to porn to finish himself off, despite being surrounded by many beautiful women. Our brains become conditioned to receiving pleasure in a certain way and are always searching for that same kick, in greater intensities.

To get back the great feelings from actual sex, having a break from porn may be a good idea. This could help to rewire your brain so that it doesn’t get its kicks from porn, but from actual sexual activity. Porn is not healthy, and stepping away from it will likely improve your sex life tenfold.

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